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Sun, Jun 26, 2016

Church Website Content


unchurched americansDid you know that more than seventeen million unchurched American adults visited a church website in the past twelve (12) months?  This is according to GreyMatter Research Consulting in a survey published on March 12, 2012.

So what does that mean to you?  If you are a church or a church ministry it could be a great ministry outreach.  It could increase your reach into your community significantly.

What is the Purpose of a Church?

What is the purpose of a church?  To tell the world about Christ, to spread the Gospel to all people (Matthew 28:19-20 et. al.)  In the past, the church has used the local newspaper to publish the sermon of the evangelist who spoke last Sunday.  Later the newest tech invention, radio, presented a means of spreading the word.  Today you have the Inspiration Network with the Christian message presented 24/7.

Since the turn of the century the internet has become the popular place to find information, and the church can use the medium to "spread the Gospel."  So back to the question, are you reaching any of those seventeen million?  Are you reaching and keeping those of your membership that have access to the internet?

Use the Internet to Propogate the Gospel!

Are you getting traffic from any of those seventeen million?  Do you even have a website for your church?  Today, if you want to reach the unchurched with the Gospel, the internet can be a great resource.

There is more from the research.  There are several areas that the unchurched look for; time of service and location are at the top of the list.  This being the case, does your site have those two (2) items featured prominently on the front page?

Next, GreyMatter found that visitors want to know what you offer; Sunday School, Bible Study, College & Career, singles program, etc.  So again, is this information easily found on the front page?  Is your site easily navigated to find information?

Put your Sermons Online!

does your church stream audio/videoFinally, of the top items the unchurched are looking for is audio and/or video streaming.  And why not?  We go to church for the message as well as the fellowship, so why don't we make the message available to the unchurched as well?  Are we not directed to preach to all nations?  So does your website have the capability to stream the message?  If not, why not?

Some things to think about when considering the Great Commission.

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