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Wed, Jun 29, 2016
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Mobile Ready Website

mobile web usage growthLook around your church, school or workplace. How many people have a mobile device to surf the web? An iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android phone, etc?  According to Mary Meeker, KPCB partner, mobile devices accessing the internet will outnumber PCs and laptops by the middle of this year, 2013. What does that mean to you?

You better be thinking about mobile web!

In the same article, Meeker predicts that mobile devices will double the PC/laptop market by 2015. Right now, with the domains that we at All-Right Web Design, Inc. manage, mobile devices are used on about 10% of page views. Google has given us great tools to monitor web access with an ever expanding toolbox. So if mobile devices are being used more frequently, and your audience is composed of young people, what is the natural conclusion?

Take a look at your website on a mobile device and evaluate what you see. If your site is old, it may look fair on a tablet with a horizontal scroll bar added to show content on the right. Or it might compress the site making it unreadable. If you are not mobile ready, it gets far worse when viewed on a phone of some brand.

To address this issue, All-Right Web Design, Inc., will include the mobile web in all sites, new and revisions. To see what I mean, take a look at this site, what you are reading right now, on a mobile device. You will see how it adjusts for the device type. This is a revision we made in December 2012.

There are three (3) methods of going mobile:

1. Using a responsive web design.
2. Using a mobile subdomain and designing the site for the device.
3. Making a mobile app, a small program installed on your mobile device.

Responsive Webdesign:

Since about second quarter 2012 the template designers we use have fully utilized this layout paradigm. Simply put, responsive web design means that the layout is changed depending upon the size of the viewing device. Depending on that device, the menus may change size or form, possibly a drop down selection box. Images will be resized. Image rotators may be replaced by a vertical gallery. Other significant modifications are made all to make the website viewing easier.

Furthermore, with the release of Joomla! 3.0 in September 2012, the platform automatically becomes responsive. This version of Joomla! is not recommended for production sites yet, however we will be moving to the new version when it does.

Responsive web design is probably the easiest from a development standpoint.

Mobile Subdomain:

Next in complexity is having a mobile sub-domain. Sub-domain(s) need to be set up, but that is a straight forward issue with the hosting company.

With the sub-domains in place, we add components to an existing site and display them differently on different mobile device. Joomla! makes the decision as to which domain to use, but we manage content for each device type. With this approach, we can choose the layout, content, image size, etc. for any of the four (4) mobile device categories. This is, of course, in addition to the current desktop version. In other words, you can decide what content and how it displays on any device, mobile or desktop. Very flexible.

The Mobile App:

play storeAnyone with a mobile device is familiar with the mobile app. Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and unlimited mobile apps designed by independents to accomplish a particular job. With a little effort, we can design and publish an app specifically for your purpose. The sky is the limit.

You have apps on your phone like Facebook or golf score record keeper. Just imagine an app on your phone that has your school name and logo on it. Click on the app and up pops the latest from school, todays calendar, etc. Like your primary domain, we can deliver content for your ministry or business in an app that focuses only on you.

In Conclusion:

The web is changing. It has gone mobile, and you need to keep up. You have an audience, so keep them by keeping up with the times. Talk to us about goin' mobile.


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