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Tue, Jun 28, 2016
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Blogging for PR

public relations for your schoolI remember back in the 80's my pastor was interviewed by the local newspaper about the "AIDS" crisis and its moral implications. The interviewer set an appointment, took notes, and left to write her article. Before she left, she made it clear that she didn't agree with the pastor's position, and the article reflected that view.

Not buying ink by the barrel, my pastor was left with what the reporter wrote.

That was then, this is now — Blogging can by your Public Relations agent.

With today's wired society, you need to be ahead of any problem that may harm your ministry. When an issue arises out of the blue, you can use your blog to present your viewpoint in your words, unedited.

blog to get your position outIf you are asked for an interview, like my pastor was, you can take advantage of the opportunity offered by the free, albeit biased, press for what it is. Then you can use your blog to present your position clearly. How is your opinion supported biblically? How did this article not present your position fairly? Your blog gives you the opportunity to correct incomplete or inaccurate information.

If, God forbid, some moral issue happens in your ministry, your blog gives you the opportunity to get out front and be proactive on the issue. You will obviously need to be cautious about what you write, but you can clearly state what you and your ministry are doing about the problem.

If your students are involved in an outreach program of some kind, you can use your blog as a public relations campaign. A "Press Release", if you will, about current events in the ministry. Again, written by you, saying exactly how and what you want said.

It's your ministry, and it may need a little public relation boost. Use your blog as a Public Relations tool, the one prefered by many organizations today.

For more information, check out Ken McGaffin's article 10 Reasons Why Public Relations is a Must do for SEO in 2013

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